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le 04/07/2020

As we sit around our tables as a family, each of us expresses a desire to travel far, to catch a plane and fly far away, experience jetlag and really feel like we are on holiday again.
But sometimes it’s better to follow reason instead of the heart and what if exotic lands are only a short drive away, where you can still enjoy your daily comforts??

The Charly Team is happy to propose a corner of the French Hexagon where nature and man live in harmony. Lived and relived, this region is adored by many travelers, its villages are dreamlike and its bell towers have featured as backdrops to many a film.

Here the Mediterranean Riviera breathes glamour, some people fall in love at first sight, others like to explore further into the rich backcountry but everyone eventually falls for this area, Yes! This really is the Peninsula of Saint Tropez and let yourselves be guided and inspired by us.

From azure coastlines, divine smelling pine tree forests, green valleys to charming villages with great little places overlooking the gorgeous beach of Gigaro seeing the Peninsula this August will be much quieter than other summers!

ParAnd for some great suggestions, we must thank our Italian Filippo Verani Masin whom originally from Monaco has chosen to live a simple local life here. He is the owner of the furniture boutique “La Maison des Lices”, stocking accessories but also furniture and textiles with inspirational Mediterranean themes for indoors and outdoors.


 Cafes, beaches – we share the secrets!

For Filippo the place for a coffee is undoubtably within the private gardens of the Maison Dior Femme – “Dior des Lices”, where the majestic palm trees shade you and hide the small hotel situated at the end of the garden. Here enjoy a perfect breakfast, a local lunch or a sublime dinner of refined local produce. Open from June to September.

Once upon a time a small restaurant, today, Club 55 is the celebrated family beach club of Pampelonne – it is the only chic and chilled beach club without electro music or Champagne battles. It is welcoming, elegant, and of course a local’s favorite.

Of a morning, walk right along the beach for a coffee at Ramatuelle at “Loulou à la plage”The first one of these was a restaurant-bar housed in the Musée des Arts décoratifs in Paris. Now they have opened a second one overlooking the Pointe du Capon. With a homely feel, the private beach with white parasols and wooden transits gives the idea of setting sail. It offers the Dolce Vita vibe, French Riviera version, the menu is simple, generous and light.

Filippo favourite restaurants

The “Banh-Hoi” for its exotic Vietnamise and Thai cuisine. The nicest aspect is that you can dine outside in a small side street without any crowds.

At the “Patio” the Italian chef who receives his guests in the superb courtyard of the Hotel Yaca, a tranquil and picturesque spot. Enjoy a gourmet journey in a romantic setting. 

For a taste of street food, make your way to the White 1921 hotel, on the iconic place des Lices. Now part of LVMH group, a new restaurant has just opened.

Heading up “ToShare”, Jean Imbert has thrown himself into a new gastronomic adventure with his American partner the artist Pharell Williams..

And to finish, a laidback choice:

Au caprice des Deux” where the Chef in collaboration with his sister prepares a regional and traditional cuisine in the heart of the old town 

And of course, how can we forgot the most famous of all the tropézienne, Its delicate pastry and its light patisserie cream perfumed with flower of orange? For him a must is chez Laurent Cavazza rue Clemenceau. Élève Lenôtre, is the grandson of the pâtissier creator of the original recipe.


Our coup de coeur : l’Éphémère, a FoodTruck under the shade of pine trees. For an aperitif and a few gastronomique tapas or some plates to share at  Domaine viticole Fondugues-Pradugues in Ramatuelle.

And to start of the evening in a great way, the secret of a perfect apero : a must, a simple hideaway from the bustle of Saint Tropez at “La plage des Salins” sink your feet directly into the water. At sunset then move to the table for a delicious pizza.

The best ice cream in St Tropez generally has long queues but Barbarac will not disappoint you. The sorbet is their speciality alongside traditional ice cream flavours all home made with fresh and natural ingredients. Gourmet flaveurs served in cones with multicolour straws.




And now to shopping – when Filippo leaves his boutique it’s at the market that we find him Tuesday and Saturday morning, he takes time to browse the stalls at the Place des Lices market. Seasonal fruits and vegetables, culinary specialities, regional products of the local area. Let yourself be tempted by the anchovies peppers, the beignet of courgette flowers, calamari or petit farcis.

And to finish off your look of the perfect local, look for the famous sandals les Tropeziene, vintage version, from the shop Rondini, multicolour or plain in natural leather, they are tied to your ankle with flax ties.

And to really treat yourself visit Massimo Marchese a luxury jewellery maker from Italy who can teach you a thing or two about precious stones. Coloured diamonds, sparkling adornments, wedding bands, all of his creations are unique pieces with a minimalist and personal style.

As all lovers of nice things, our guide will take us to the “Fromagerie du Marché”, place aux Herbes. Its speciality the famous brie with truffles, with many different types of comtes, a large selection of goat cheese and renown butters.

And as a base for your exploration we recommend not far from La Croix Valmer, hidden amongst the vineyards between roses and rare eucalyptus “Lily of the Valley”. Imagined by Philippe Starck, is a destination in itself. The renowned architect refers to his project “All my life I dreamed of being here”. Ph.S. The magnificent ancient pine trees are a perfect setting for this hotel immersed in nature.
It all dramatically overlooks the Varois coast with its transparent waters and fine sand from high above Gigaro beach.

An exceptionnel property in a exceptionnel location. The spaces are open and luminous right into the interior. The 38 rooms and 6 suits all surround the external pool and the terraces open up over the bay. Of course, there is outstanding service but the welcoming is homely and the atmosphere is familiar as in typical southern style. A calmness surrounds you.

The traveller looking for peace and harmony, body & spirit can take advantage of the spa services and their getting fit program. Grace at “The Village”, the centre dedicated to the perfect balance between pleasure and health objectives. With therapists who can tailor their programs and a diet to get a durable result whilst getting in shape in this paradise. At the spa enjoy relaxation, around the pool where only adults are to be found.


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