As happy as Ulysses…

Narrated by a Sicily lover

le 17/08/2020

“It is simply a lovely voyage” ….

Looking for Charly continues its voyage to the very South of Europe. Come with us, cross the Messina strait and find yourself in a place suspended between myth and reality.
Here you will find a land of mixed heritage, enriched from the culture of its different occupiers, each of which have left their own mark…

Discover its treasures, its natural landscapes where mysterious blooms mix with earthly minerals. Here where the stones of each buildings tell tales, from an unfinished temple; from a preserved city following an earthquake, from a timeless mosque, from a castle built on the cliffs overlooking the sea. And the water which is all around us, also brings you into a state of pure contemplation ….

Welcome to Sicily !

You are all familiar with its name – this island of UNESCO World Heritage sites – of baroque palaces, oriental gardens and byzantine cathedrals. On your journey, our guide will introduce you to these lands and all of the unmissable pleasures of this island. As one of our specialists, in true Sicilian style, chatty and a fast talker, they will enchant you with their singing voices. Charm you with their and accent who only the Italians of the South know how to do

Ready to sail? 

Taking to the sea for a few days, will allow you to discover the unique archipelago, the Eoliennes, spread out between sea and land..
Time is a luxury so spend it sailing from island to island, exploring secret coves and discovering all of the secrets of the Tyrrehenian sea..

The best way to admire these amazing landscapes is from the sea. Looking out to the small fishing villages and ports buzzing with life day and night, just you out there, with the waves and the stars above. On board a traditional sailing wooden boat, you will sail around these islands of which only 7 are inhabited. A real floating hotel, light, narrow and with its shallow draught, these boats were originally used for fishing. Today with modern motors, these boots are still equipped with sails and continue to delight with their charm.



With all of the comfort of a yacht, you will be seduced by the familiar and convivial atmosphere onboard. To be shared with family or friends, whilst still having your own private spaces in the interior to hide away in. With between 2 and 12 cabins, all cabins have air conditioning and have a complete and private bathroom..

Of course, the itinerary can be adapted according to your desires and you can make the most of your time by sailing at night. Sit back and take it all in, all of the beautiful sites along the way, water, land, wind and fire! Sail past Stromboli, and this makes for an iconic moment. Symbol of an explosive marriage between fire and stone, the lady may offer you –if you wait patiently– a spray of fiery lava.

Another spot not to miss, Panarea with its picturesque streets and small white houses surrounded by hibiscus and bougainvillaea, the turquoise waters shining in the background, whilst the sound of cicadas brightens the night. By evening step into the best restaurant perhaps on the bridge with a view of Stromboli, the ideal place to watch its night-time eruptions. là.


For the sporty amongst us, walks are possible along the crater of the Volcano to better feel the emotions and trembles or on Salina the highest point of the archipelago. Relax and switch off! The crew will take care of everything for you from navigation to the visits and of course will entice you with some delicious meals on board with ingredients fresh from the sea and inspired from Sicilian specialities.

We would suggest a few days in Trapani, an excellent starting point to discover this region by privatising a charming villa. This journey of discovery ends with Etna,
to brave the fierceness of this volcano.

Since the XIX century, this house in an Art Nouveau style was the residence of the noble family Adragna, today looked after by Agostino, the grandson. A passionate of art and culture, he decided to transform this family house into a harem of tranquillity. Four rooms and two suites make this is the ideal place to relax and find yourself again. All of the rooms have been carefully restored whilst conserving the traditional style and historical elements of the house whilst still adopting a modern twist.

Here you are in your own home, closeted in a fabulous garden which gives the feel of nature in the heart of the city. Under your own steam, set off to discover the surrounding areas or relax by the swimming pool with a delicious cocktail mixed for you by Alessandro. By evening, enjoy the menu prepared by your chef for a romantic dinner in the garden.


Feel like going out ? Staying loyal to the culinary traditions of this region in the XVI C, start with an aperitif on a terrace, followed by a dinner in a garden with a view on Monte Cofano and the bay of Bonagia. Of the many possible activities, enjoy a cooking class to learn to cook the curious street food dishes of Sicily, the celebrated « Arancine ». You can also learn to cook « Busiate » and the famous pesto of Trapani, a local speciality with a unique flavour.

On the cultural side, enjoy a private visit to the Pepoli Museum housed in a private XIV palace, in the past occupied by the convent of Carmes. Tour the museum with the director or a resident historian to talk about the collection of comte from which it takes its name – around an aperitif in the cloisters at the end of the tour.

Agostino will take you for an excursion on board an exclusive yacht or a sail boat, set sail around the Egades Islands or the Réserve du Zingaro like Favignana and Levanzo. Once there, swim, snorkel in the crystalline water, visit the marine caves, the museum Florio or the ancient caves or better still reach the top of Mont Santa Saterina on the back of a donkey.

Trapani is renowned for its red roofed windmills built on the salt pans. A millennial history see the pools utilized by the Phoenicians before developing commercial salt. Meet one of the families who have continued this tradition from many generations and who will tell you the secrets passed down from generations whilst soaking up the views of this incredible landscape uniting land and sea.

This amazing discovery ends with the Etna National Park, on the volcano depths.

Then the grand finale, the emblematic cone, always active, watching over the coast with its sandy beaches. It is the highest active volcano in Europe (3 345 metres) giving life to an incredible play field for lovers of extreme sensations without too much effort.
Take a half day excursion or a total immersion including spending the night up here close to its heart.

Imagine, after a restful night in bivouac where you will learn about its mystery in a more intimate way on the north face. The refuge is far away from civilization. And to add even more sensations, find yourself face to face with the summit which rises majestically whilst the fumes remind you of the presence of the volcano.

A 4×4 will drive you up to the plateau, still on the northern face where the road suddenly stops. Your guide will lead you along the sportif course. Take to your bicycles, and follow the guide to arrive up to the craters of the summit, a few bends later and you will find the ancient cone. After leaving the chestnut forest behind, you will find no more vegetation instead you will be surrounded by lava which shows as a chaotic mass. Walk with prudence in this moon landscape from where you can just about see the houses below. The white smoke will lift you into a mysterious universe.

Brace yourself as they may change colours and according to the force of nature, and get ready to descend back down to earth as the sounds of civilization start to be heard again.
In autumn the colours contrast with the bright light between the black of the volcanic stone and the colours of the trees with their shining leaves.

Best period for this trip September and October
All requirements are susceptible to be modified and can change according to the evolution of the pandemic. For all destinations, travellers need to respect the health protocol and the restrictions in the hotels and all the touristic activities.

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