24 hours in the country of ‘Lagom’……

The team is locking down

le 04/03/2020

Everyone at home… episode 1. Sweden.
How to spend an entire day cocooned at home
in famously laidback Swedish style!

There’s no real translation for ‘Lagom’ pronounced [lar-gom].
It simply means, not too much or not too little, instead choosing a satisfactory middle way of living – minimalist design, natural materials, seasonal ‘bio’ ingredients and a slow pace of life.

Charly’s team would like to talk you through these daily customs and ritualsWake up slowly with what else but a Swedish exercise session. You’ll find good humor catches on quickly! Try this 60 minute workout – warm up, cardio, weight training, cardio again, stretching and relaxation, led by Veronique and Davina! Then, enjoy a classic Swedish breakfast of: bread, butter, cheese, red peppers, cucumber and ham.

Pass the morning immersed in a fascinating book, wrapped up in a soft blanket. It could be the riveting read Henning Mankell, staring detective Kurt Wallander or, “The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared” by Jonas Jonasson.

10 o’clock – time for “fika” – coffee and a cinnamon roll, “kanelbullar”, the famous Nordic pastry.

The best recipe book for these: “La Suede à dos de cuillère” by Christine Armengaud, Ed Actes Sud. It includes a fun mixture of anecdotes and recipes.

Time to think about lunch!
Tempted by Jansson’s ‘frestelse’? – the famous potato gratin with herrings – a very popular Swedish dish, usually served at Christmas, but as there’s no real sense of time at the moment, let’s go for it!

Almost 3 o’clock, let’s make the most of the rare spring sunshine! The national sport in Sweden is to get a suntan with the least amount of sun possible, whether sunbathing on the balcony or in the garden. Quick, let’s soak up that Vitamin D!  Not forgetting that in Sweden, the “Allemansratten”, access to nature is an absolute right of each individual. The land belongs to all inhabitants of this long country and Suedes make the most of their outdoors…of course for this wondering we must wait, in the meantime the green forest blossoms in our thoughts. The Suedes have a particular affinity with mother nature.

Escape your house in the afternoon whilst watching a Swedish film. Yes, Sweden does have some cool films, like “Millenium”, that will nail you to your sofa whilst you snuggle up to the multi-colored cushions!


And how best to finish the day than seated around the table to delight in tasting some Kottbullars: simple Swedish meatballs!


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