Surf the wave!!

By a volcanic team

le 20/04/2018


The new American dream.

I am an archipelago with a mythical name, located in the tropics.
My volcanic landscape is unique.
My culture is a melting pot of Maori, Pacific, Asian and North American heritages.
I am the only American state that is an island.
My islands are far, far away… Who am I?
I am Hawaii, of course!
The Rainbow State joins the ranks of our clients’ favourite destinations.
Because at Looking For Charly, we love finding unusual destinations.

Next stop Hawaii, an archipelago born out of fire!!


At the end of the world and the centre of the earth

With a natural, wild colour, scents of hibiscus and orchids and several notes of recent history and ukulele, Hawaii is the ultimate remote and mythical destination. Mark Twain’s recollections come instantly to mind when you step onto these islands for the first time. He called this archipelago “the loveliest fleet of islands that lies anchored in any ocean”. To verify him claims, you need to immerse yourself in the end of the world scenery of the most isolated archipelago on the planet. Perching on the heights of Mauna Kea, you can acutely feel the strength of the elements that wash over travellers. Hawaii isn’t just far away, it can also be very high.


Discoveries to be made.

The emblematic islands of Hawaii, scattered like confetti over the immensity of the Pacific, each with its very own character.

The island of Hawaii, otherwise known as the Big Island, is the Promised Land for volcanologists and nature lovers. With its snow-capped summits, verdant forests, lunar landscapes, giant volcanoes and infinite beaches hemmed with foaming waves it’s a land of contrasts. Magical Maui is the island for those in search of paradise beaches and luxuriant forests. The island of Honolulu, Oahu, is the place to have your senses amazed by its effervescent urban culture and shrine to surfing. And last but not least, Lanai is waiting to reveal its secret beaches and exclusive greenery.


Hawaii by any means

Hawaii has an infinite number of experiences to offer.
Are you crazy about heights?
Fly over the lava of Kilauea, the most active volcano in the world.
Do you feel like vegging out?
Take a trip to Wailea beach, Paradise’s exclusive destination.
An action lover?
The best way to discover Hawaii is to take a hike at volcano (or jungle) level, taking the
path of exploration.
Unless you fancy setting sail on Manele Bay on board a catamaran?
Take the chance to frolic about weightless in the Hawaiian waters alongside dolphins,
tortoises and tropical fish.

Whether you tackle Hawaii by air, water, land, sand or the mythical and thrilling Hana Road, you’ll definitely catch the bug for the Aloha State! And what is the most difficult thing about Hawaii?

Motivating yourself to get on the flight home! 


The ultimate destinations

We have been waiting for Hawaii’s hotel scene to be worthy of its natural treasures for a long time, but that time has come. And because a picture speaks a thousand words, here are some images of some of our favourite destinations.



From May to the beginning of October
Plan for a minimum of 13 days for a round trip from Europe


A hui hou !


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