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le 11/06/2020

Europe is slowly awaking from its slumber. We would like to introduce a select few regions nearby, to which you may be able to travel sooner than you may think, perhaps even in a plane!  Whilst we wait for the total lifting of travel restrictions and whilst safety and preventive health measures are being established around the World, we can’t resist sharing some ideas to get you travelling again.

Pearl of Central Europe, Hungary is a charming and unique country.

Feel like you are in Brooklyn in the heart of Budapest, rendez-vous in a coffee shop of the center, hidden away in a small side street, for a tranquil breakfast. Delight in a hot chocolate with homemade whipped cream or a fresh bowl of muesli. Then brunch in a « ruin bar », a unique place, straight out of the underground universe of New York, like a vibrant ‘bazar’, a mix between a flea market and a bohemian cafe, generally off the beaten track.

Continue your voyage far from the city, in the spectacular forest known as the city of clouds, Visegrad, which sits high above the Danube and offers incredible views.

We have all missed nature and witnessing the never-ending views over the Hungarian ‘steppes’ brings many good vibes. A visit here offers you another side to the country.

Immerse yourself in local life, cross the countryside in a horse and carriage, and enjoy this traditional art form of riding, taught to you by experienced riders.

Against all expectations, tulips are not actually from Holland…

they were imported from Turkey in the 16th century. The iconic tulips flower in Holland at the end of March, proudly showing their colors until the start of summer. Taking a bicycle and riding along country lanes through local villages is the best way to enjoy seeing the tulips. For those who simply can’t get enough or are less active, visit the gardens of KeuKenhof to see these gorgeous flowers in bloom.

Haarlem is a small authentic town full of charm. Sitting in the famous district of the bulbs, it is the historic capital of Holland. Calm, picturesque, full of flowers on display, its cobbled streets and historic buildings invite you to simply stroll around.

Not to be missed in Haarlem is the chance to enjoy a drink in an old church, wander around the market tasting fresh herring or mackerel smoked directly in front of you.

In need of space? The region of Wadden is a magnificent natural reserve which is a World Unesco site.

Situated just off the coast, the 5 islands that make up the park are a protected area ideal for relaxing.

It’s a paradise for deer, fallow deer, bighorn sheep, roes but also bulls, raptors and other rare animals.

You have already met, the press talks about it, its songs pierce our hearts, one unique island, Corsica ! Where to find many different worlds in one small place?  

The prairies of Argentina, translucent Caribbean waters, Highlands country, American ranches, African farms or the plains of Brazil… here the mountains are steep, punctured by alpine lakes, with walking trails, stunning views and of course the sea which is life here, the catch of the day will always feature on your plate. 

Either Robinson Crusoe or Shepard style, everybody will find their nest, their beach or rock.  
It’s the moment to visit as this island will most likely not be overrun this summer!


Croatia, enclave of the Adriatic lying between sea and mountains.
Country of contrasts, you can even reach it by car from South of France.

There are more than 700 islands lost at sea, some inhabited, which have stayed truly wild.

On the west of the country, the natural park of lakes, Plitvice is a World Unesco site. The views are outstanding. Home to 16 lakes set one below the other, from which the waters tumble down from one into the next, creating stunning waterfalls. The clear and turquoise waters, invite you to swim. Don’t give in to the urge as the pools have protected status, to conserve their wild fauna and flora which will surprise and delight you.

The Kamenjak Peninsula with its jagged coastline is home to a number of bays and beaches of exceptional beauty comprising 11 inhabited islands, with a large number of secret beaches and coves. From the cliffs – more of less high – you can dive straight into the turquoise sea.

This small natural reserve is the home of orchids many of which are rare. The absence of construction has let nature take over and go truly wild.

In the Parc National de Krka, there are a number of elevated pontoons allowing you to walk above the clear waters whilst surrounded by dense and luxuriant vegetation. The access to Skradin allows you to walk up to a spectacular waterfall where a swim is a must. The paths and bridge enable you to observe the geomorphological forms which have taken place over the centuries and the hundreds of varieties of bird, reptiles and wild cat.


For a dose of culture, all of the oldest towns of Croatia offer their own very unique mix of medieval history and charming seaside resort.
Our tip, stay away from the more touristic ones and enjoy the real vibe of this country of ex-Yugoslavia..
These are only a few ideas to fire up your imagination and start working on your dream.

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