Once upon a time in Baviera.

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le 09/10/2020

Autumn gives Bavaria’s countryside a stunning colour with an exceptional luminosity. Everything we know about Germany – beer which is so much more than a drink, culture between tradition and modernity, the panoramic lakes and mountain tops, the castles straight out of fairy books and rich in legends.
Without forgetting that the Bavarian people are friendly and gay, who will welcome you warmly and happily share their omnipresent customs.
The flight to Frankfurt already allows you to see the course of the Rhine from the air, full of charming scenes. The hills in the background shine in the golden light of this season.


Baden-Baden appears like a gem in the midst of a green valley. Through this town passes the road of wines of the county of Bade, home to one of the best vineyards in Europe. The road is littered with winery which then give way to picturesque valleys and forests of pine and spruces. The local gastronomy has nothing to envy the good wines, all cooked up in traditional tavernas. 

All around the Black Forest, find an incredible variety of scenery. The wild nature in this area houses a number of natural reserves, farms and animals.

At Lac de Constance, the Austrian, German and Swiss border is invisible and the countries are united by this lake. There are dozens of islands in the lake, the largest are Reichenau, Mainau and Lindau. This last is worth a visit as its gorgeous, with elegant houses and cobbled streets.
Stroll past market square down to the port to watch the sun set over the cute port.

The next stop on our journey will take you straight to Dungeons and Dragons .You will find yourself on top of an inaccessible hill, trapped in a palace inspired from old fortresses, built by Louis II de Bavaria inspired by his wildest dreams.
The emblematic Neuschwansten is awe-inspiring for its grandeur, its fine elegance and its beautiful towers.
Meaning the ‘new swan of stone’ the castle is named after Wagner and sits directly opposite the grand baroque building of his father Hohenschwangau.

The mountains are high here with certain measuring over 3000 metres, throughout the Bavarian Alps you find some beautiful windy roads.
Arriving near the national park of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a natural barrier between Austria and Germany, the highest peak, Zugspitze – offers a stunning view over the entire mountain chain.
From the village of Grainau, the cable car enables you to reach the top in a few minutes for an amazing view from the observation platform.

Enclosed in a green plane, the lac of Chiem is so vast it is known as the ‘inland sea’. A boat ride out to the islands will teach you even more on the mythical Louis II, the most enigmatic king of Baviera. His affinity for extravagance and the beauty of arts earned him the nickname ‘king of dreaming’. A real proof of this is the castle of Herrenchiemsee considered as one of his best architectural pieces. 

History catches up with us at the Obersalzberg plateau, below Kehlstein, the famous eagle nest at the top of the cliff, was the refuge of Adolf Hitler during the summer. The view extends towards the north, towards Salzburg, the old town of princes and dukes, at the feet of Gaisberg.

The spirit of Mozart seems to haunt each corner of this ancient city. Yes, it is of course it’s Salzburg, where the historical city is a world Unesco heritage site. The streets are adorned by pretty fountains, bells, art works, solar clocks appear everywhere.

In every season the small street full of antique shops offering treasures from a different era is a charm. From high up the fortress of Hohensalzburg, down below horse and carriages cross each other to the sound of bells, which gives the impression of being in a different era

Follow the traces of the archbishops down to the cathedral in a true baroque style and the abbey of Saint-Pierre, a pastoral building where the cemetery is covered by vegetation..


These adventures in the country bring us to the cultural heart, Munich, the capital of Bavaria, with its multitudes of theatres, museums, its ethnic communities make it a very attractive city.


Consult us for our suggestions in Bavaria more than ever away from the crowds and as always with our best guides who are passionate about these destinations.

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