More than a country, a sultanate

Mille et une nuits

le 17/12/2017


 What am I?

My first is overflowing with ancient forts
My second has perfumes of incense
My third possesses a fabulous desert of dunes
My fourth welcomed Sinbad the Sailor and the Queen of Sheba
My whole is a Gulf State. Perhaps the most beautiful and the most authentic.…

I am the Sultanate of Oman!

Discover it by walking around Muscat. You will fall for the look of the capital at first sight. There are no skyscrapers, but instead you will find white houses, gardens, a souk, a sumptuous opera house, a fish market and a port where several old teak dhows still sail.

The bling of Dubai is nowhere to be seen; instead, you find the scents of Africa and India blended together, mountains surrounded by sand and water, cool wadis, craggy djebels and sand dunes that marry ochre and gold. Oman, which has long languished in its neighbours’ shadows, has undergone extraordinary development thanks to its oil reserves and the will of its sultan, but has never given in to the siren song of unfettered modernity.

The proof lies in the Musandam peninsula with its jagged fjords, Malala the country’s second city and point of departure for exploring the ruins of Al-Badid, Nizwa and its 17th century fort, the Batina coast and Sohar, Sinbad’s home port. And you can’t forget the red desert of Wahiba where Bedouins still live amongst the dunes.

Oman with its rich history worthy of a tale in the One Thousand and One Nights is today one of the most beautiful destinations. Here you will discover the stuff that dreams are made of.



– THE CHEDI / Mascate – 

A European minimalist touch mixed with authentic local architecture. A place imbued with a zen Arab atmosphere that takes you through arches and past sparkling pools. Spacious rooms in absolute quiet and an ideal location offering views of the Gulf of Oman, the Indian Ocean and the rugged terrain of Muscat.



Located at the heart of a breath-taking site that is majestic yet simple, where the red mountains are only separated from the turquoise sea by narrow white beaches.
Taking subtle inspiration from indigenous villages but assuming a resolutely modern style, the stone houses are arranged in tiers with wooded terraces covered with woven branches, private Prussian blue-tiled swimming pools, solid walls covered in light plaster, dark rustic furniture, oil lamps and copper bath tubs.
Bury your feet in the sand or plant them on the nearest hills, the choice is yours! Arrive by boat, or why not paraglide in?



A veritable oasis in spectacular landscape, the Alila Jabal Akhdar is perched in Oman’s Al Hajar mountain range. It takes a bit of effort to get there, but that is part of its charm. At sundown, the surrounding mountains are set ablaze and the atmosphere becomes truly surreal.
LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) and constructed using local materials, this Alila simply breathes serenity, greenery and style. Its suites are spacious, kitted out with furniture made of sculpted wood, juniper partition walls hand painted by local artists and stone balconies looking out onto the horizon.
Not forgetting the sublime infinity swimming pool and its rather romantic stone huts.And, to take you to the heights of bliss, enjoy the sophisticated tagines served by lantern light.


– LUXURY PRIVATE CAMP/  In the location of your choice… 

Just imagine…
A unique, exclusive experience in surroundings that will take your breath away.
A traditional luxurious private tented camp at the heart of the landscape of your choice:a desert of ochre dunes, a white sandy beach looking out onto the Indian Ocean or the foothills of a mountain.
A cosy tent, fine and comfortable bedding, an en-suite bathroom and exquisite interior design in the Arab style.
Candles, oil lamps and a large conical tent create the ambiance of One Thousand and One Nights.
A chef creating gourmet meals made using local specialities.
You can take part in daytime activities to explore the surroundings or make the most of free time in this special place – the choice is yours.
It is ideal for one or more romantic nights for two or for a great family experience.Away from everything, and just for you!


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