24 hours in Jerico


le 29/05/2020

Everybody at home, episode 2.
Where do you find Indian, Spanish and African influences intertwined together?
All co-existing happily to offer you a variety of experiences and surprises…..
Let’s start the day with a work of Latin American literature, which is rich and dynamic and is best represented by the Nobel prize winner in Literature, Gabriel Garcia Marquez (up here two of his most famous books). Part of the appeal of this Colombian author is that he takes us through our imagination, to explore distant Spanish speaking lands.
Never without my coffee! One of the best in the World. Of course, you already know, that Colombian coffee is legendary: noir, tinto, with or without milk, enjoyed at any time of day – in the kitchen, in the living room or on a street corner, always served in its small goblet
“And what will we eat? “
“Tamales”: little food parcels dating from the Pre-Hispanic era. The base of this specialty is corn flour or rice flour to which you add meat, vegetables, potatoes, carrots and herbs to give it a unique taste. This mix is then wrapped in a banana leaf or corn husk. To lend its smoky taste, the tamales is steam cooked. Enjoy experimenting with different ingredients! In Colombia, Tamales are breakfast for some, although perhaps for us, its maybe best as a morning snack, as a Tamales first thing in the morning can be challenging……


This morning, we relax, whilst admiring an art piece of Fernando Botero. He represents Colombian society through each of his pieces, giving a true critique of society – a mirror of the situation in his country during his lifetime, represented in his paintings and sculptures. Careful as the Maestro does not like the term ‘large’ but prefers voluptuous. Volume is for him, “a celebration of life and sensuality”.
Of course, you will need some exercise now and why not to the sound of Yuri Buenaventura, the most Francophile of Colombians, with his devilish salsa. Salsa, but also Merengue, quintessentially European, Aboriginal and African, Reggaeton with its world renown artists, Tango or of course the music of the Andes, all of which are renown worldwide in their own right. The Cumbria, the most important here, represents the cultural heritage of Colombia and gives rhythm to the lively nights of the country.
It’s important to note that Colombia – close to the equator – has no real seasons. Therefore, the sun rises and sets basically at the same time all through the year. Ensure therefore that you make time for lunch…
This one always includes a great variety of fruits and vegetables, produced abundantly all year long. Here even banana is a vegetable! Close your eyes and hear the call of the fruit seller passing through the street with his cart, « aguacateeee maduro, mango, aguacaaaate » and buy it directly from your window.
It’s too hot to go outside so stay inside in the cool and immerse yourself in Jerico! “Jericó, El Infinito Vuelo de los Dias” – a film of Catalina Mesa shown in cinemas in June 2018, Winner of the best documentary and public award Cinelatino. Catalina Mesa takes us on a journey to Jericó, a small Colombian village in the north-west of the country. She shows us a portrait of the female spirit, through twelve local women, whose lives are full of laughter but tinged with sadness at times. The film is a tribute to family first most, to an old auntie who has spent her entire life in the village, to the family members who migrated towards the city and to a generation overflowing with stories and experiences. All of these women are welcoming and open to an honest dialogue, which takes place in the privacy of their homes, so they can finally speak freely. Some of their stories can be hard to hear as the village, like most of Colombia, was touched by the military conflict. Husbands and sons, tragically killed or kidnapped in the conflict, which has left the wives to carry on alone. Even in tragedy, however humor is always present, as is music, poetry, colors and sunshine. Whilst the dialogue and the preservation of the collective memory are the strong points of this film, the beauty, energy and the openness of the characters are what makes the soul of the movie.
Tonight, we will enjoy Fish Sancocho.
This is a traditional Colombian soup.
Usually made with chicken, we present a fish version.
We ara happy to share Dominique Oudin’s recipe, Chef at the Santa Clara Hotel in Cartagena.

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