Autumn Colours Palette

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le 22/09/2020

The days are getting shorter and the sun’s rays are getting weaker. We all wish to hold on to the happy feeling a little longer and to set off looking for places where the sun is still shining and temperatures are reassuringly mild. Autumn is a perfect mid-way point between the two seasons. Nature is resplendent in the golden light; shimmering colours illuminate the city’s walls. The flux of tourists has diminished, even if this summer was a little particular. In this particular context escaping reality is even more needed. Let’s get our suitcases out again and see where the Charly team takes us next. 

A long week-end for two, the next family holidays or even with friends not seen in a while.

The Indian Summer in Corsica

The island of beauty breathes a sigh of relief after the passage of a number of summer tourists. A short flight, Corsica has enough attractions to draw you across the Mediterranean to see its beauty first-hand.

From north to south, choose your landscape: savage nooks, green hills, bays and coves with translucent waters, craggy coastal lines and inaccessible beaches or high mountains. A huge variety of landscapes, one more beautiful than the next which will vow even the hardest to please.
And for the rest? A sophisticated homestead in which to isolate yourself, a delightfully refurbished convent, a large house tastefully decorated and full of ancient souvenirs of Napoléon III, or the gorgeous Relais Châteaux to completely enjoy your stay and which offer gourmet cuisine.
And speaking of cuisine? There are seasons when our bodies need nurture and the table should be full of fresh cuts, of veal cooked with olives and polenta, and cheeses with honey and fig jam. To finish sweets flavoured with clementine or chestnuts. As a background noise, the Corse song, coming straight from the heart of the local people, will fill you with serenity and emotion. Listening to these traditional songs will give you goosebumps. Follow the Route des Sens which brings you across many different regions of this territory to see the natural treasures and learn the ancient history.

Grèce, sur la route d’Olympie

An odyssey through the past, full of archaeological sites, byzantine architecture, daydreams above the shades of the Aegean Sea, the reasons to visit Greece are many.
The home of the Greek gods is a fabulous place to visit in the autumn as its still warm and sunny which allows you to enjoy the small creeks and the small fishing ports, busy all year round.
Sail from island to island – not yet all victims to mass tourism – which includes the iconic Santorini, the romantic, Paxos, the welcoming and Mykonos; the party one.
We will show you the hidden spots and whatever your selection, they are all magnificent at any time of day.
And have you thought of mainland Greece? This often-overlooked place seduces with its world class Unesco treasures, and is also a favourite with climbing and walking fans. It’s true a destination completely different with names which you will recognize immediately, the Peloponnese, the Meteora, the Delphos.
Let’s be honest, steady sunshine, cultural and natural richness, delicious and colourful cuisine, the birth of the western world, Greece is a destination full of choice, a short trip from the continent.

Turkey, a perfect detour between continents

A perfect destination for the idyll, this peninsula region between the Black sea in the North and the Mediterranean in the south, benefits of the Middle Eastern climate In Istanbul the heat of the summer turns into a comfy warmth and makes the city more agreeable to explore in autumn.
Of all of the activities available on the coast, diving is not the most known but a great place to immerge yourself and explore the marine world. Set out from Kas, between mountain and sea, a site which isn’t overly popular but rich in local culture.
Golfers can delight in the numerous high-level courses, especially in Antalya, Mugla and Istanbul.
In the centre of the country, Cappadocia, with its beautiful canyons with the chimneys straight out of fairy tales, give you a wonderful opportunity to view the surrounding landscapes from the heights. Flying above the valleys from a hot air balloon, admire the troglodyte’s houses, today classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
And perhaps quite unexpected, surfing and kitesurfing is popular and amateurs from all over the world find an international place to learn this sport.
The turquoise coast offers a sweet climate up until November. The beaches with transparent waters, white sand and pebbles a great place for a beach holiday right up until November. Turkey offers some wonderful sites full of rich culture and history.

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