72 hours in Copenhagen


le 18/12/2018

Immersion, hygge and stylish places to eat and stay 

Copenhagen deserves its place among the most avant-garde Smart Cities on the planet. With respect for the environment hard-wired into its DNA, a passion for design, sustainable architecture and the hygge lifestyle, the vibrant Danish capital is a true source of inspiration for urban centres looking for a new identity.

This weekend in Copenhagen is an invitation to take the measure of the Danish way of life, offering the perfect balance between heritage, stylish places to eat and stay, architectural daring and Nordic warmth.


From the airport you will make your way to your hotel. With crystalline waters, lines of bicycles and bountiful green space, you would be forgiven for thinking that your driver has taken you into the countryside. But instead, this is the urban centre of Copenhagen. You will see why the city committed to becoming the first carbon neutral capital in the world has a good chance of achieving its aim…


17:00 – Drop off your bags at the Nimb Hotel

The hotel’s neo-Moorish palace vibe makes it seem like the Nimb has escaped from Rajasthan, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The décor of the emblematic hotel in the Danish capital would be more at home in the famous Tivoli gardens. Its Michelin starred restaurant, vast rooftop, cutting-edge spa and elegant rooms make it a private refuge imbued with the famous ‘hygge’.  

20:00 – A leap back to childhood in the Tivoli gardens

When the sun sets on the Danish capital, the grandfather of theme parks illuminates its twinkling mantle to bring the Copenhagen nights to life. In spring, the Christmas markets, ice rinks, mulled wine and toffee apples give way to fireworks and open-air concerts.. 


“Our five other favourite hotels.”

Nobis hotel : the most timeless.
Hotel d’Angleterre : the most legendary.
Hotel Alexandra : the most design-oriented.
Skt Petri : the most hyped. 
Sp34 : the coolest.


09:00 – Head to the Nyhavn waterfront

The wacky Nyhavn waterfront looks like it was created especially for people who love strolls and romance. When the city awakens revealing the magnificence of its multicoloured houses in the light of day, your feelings might just surprise you. From the masts and the gulls to the boats ready to set sail, everything here exudes the ambiance of a Nordic seafaring town.

10:00 – A shot of creative inspiration at the Design Museum

Located in an old 18th century hospital, the Copenhagen Design Museum takes a fresh look at shapes, colours and geometry. Starting from Art Nouveau and coming right up to date, you can trace the history of Danish design, exploring the iconic works of Kaare Klint and admiring Arne Jacobsen’s famous chairs that take centre stage.

11:15 – A Royal promenade in the Frederiksstaden district

Step from Danish design into the Rococo style of the 18th century through Copenhagen’s Royal district that is the fiefdom of one of the oldest monarchies in the world. Say hello to the queen at Amalienborg square, home to the winter residence of the Danish royal family. Don’t miss the changing of the guard at 11:27.

12:30 – Savour dishes that embody the new Nordic gastronomic scene

Nordic Nouvelle Cuisine is waiting for you at Almanak, offering the famous smørrebrød reimagined with finesse. The restaurant housed in an elegant harbour-side building is reminiscent of an Art Deco liner and places the spotlight on natural ingredients and seasonal products.

14:00 – Discover an archi-spectacular perspective on Copenhagen

The city was born from the union of land and sea and is best explored from its canals. From the comfort of your private boat you can glide along with a glass in one hand taking in the architectural masterpieces of the Danish capital. Make sure to wave to Copenhagen’s statue of the Little Mermaid, born from the imagination of the writer Hans Christian Andersen.

16:00 – Immerse yourself in the world of design in Strøget in Copenhagen’s Latin quarter

Back on dry land, the pedestrian area of Strøget and the Latin quarter will pull you into the heart of Old Copenhagen. Whether you want to redecorate your home, stay on top of the trends or relax into the student lifestyle, this place has it all: art galleries, showrooms, paved squares, backyards and churches topped with spires.

17:00 – Climb up the Rundetaarn Tower

At the heart of the Latin quarter, boasting chic and bohemian DNA, an edifice reminiscent of the Tower of Babel immediately draws the eye. The Rundetaarn Tower, built in the 17th century, is home to the oldest astronomy observatory still in operation in Europe. Why not tackle its spiral staircase? The 360° view of Copenhagen in its entirety makes it worth the effort.

19:30 – A gastronomic flourish in Höst

With mismatched furniture, a courtyard complete with kitchen garden, refined crockery and a minimalist aesthetic, this restaurant has received countless design prizes since it was founded. As for the dishes, you will be blown away by the subtle flavours and audacious pairings of this Nordic bistro. It is a universe of inspiration designed to satisfy all your senses.


09:00 – Play it like a true Dane

In Copenhagen, the bicycle really is king, with half of all residents cycling daily. The time has therefore come to mount a bike and make like the locals. Your ride will take you from the Opera replete in marble and glass to Slotsholmen island, taking in the massive silhouette of the Royal Library on the way.

12:30 – Lunch along the canal

After exercise has whetted your appetite, nothing could be better than lunch at Kompasset, which is housed in a charming 18th century building. The compass manufacturers who formerly occupied the factory have been replaced by foodies and other interior design lovers in search of the exhilarating pleasures of hygge..

14:00 – A postprandial stroll in Christianshavn
Its straight canals, paved alleys and beautiful 18th century residences make this district one of the most pleasant and charming in Copenhagen, so reminiscent of Amsterdam. Don’t miss the Church of Our Saviour and its typically Nordic baroque spiral bell tower. If you love a challenge, climbing this bell tower is for you!


14:30 – Copenhagen’s underground in Christiania
The enclave of Christiania is the beating heart of an experimental community that is unique in Europe. Discover the separate lifestyle of this town within a city spanning 34 hectares with the unusual feature of being collectively managed by its inhabitants. It is home to artists’ workshops, street art and colourful homes made from salvaged materials and boasts a very active cultural life.

17:00 – Extend your Design experience right up to the airport, or even the journey itself.
Arrive two hours before take-off to wander around this airport that perfectly reflects the Scandi design identity so vaunted in all the interior design magazines.

DIRECT flight from Nice in 2 hrs 25:
There are outbound and inbound flights every day apart from Tuesday with Norwegian Airways.
DIRECT flight from Paris in 1 hr 55:
There are outbound and inbound flights every day with Air France, Norwegian Airways, Vueling & EasyJet.
If you have a little more time:
Why not make a trip to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art to pay homage to the genius of Warhol, Klein, Duffufet and others in a splendid seaside setting? Try an introduction to Nordic Nouvelle Cuisine accompanied by a blogger, journalist and food writer. You could enjoy a shopping trip to Jægersborggade street, synonymous with trendiness and bric-a-brac shops. Or extend your trip to take in Bornholm, a private insular paradise in the Baltic Sea.

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