Thrills galore in California !

Writes Héloïse

le 09/08/2017


 And a loop-the-loop !

America’s theme parks are best explored through the eyes of a child. Be ready to leave with your head in a spin! Larger, more impressive and more over the top than anywhere else in the world, they are like Mecca for thrill seekers. California has become a temple to corkscrews, roller coasters and bumps of every kind thanks to Universal Studios in Los Angeles, Disneyland in Anaheim and SeaWorld in San Diego.

We got acquainted with King Kong and Shrek in Hollywood, and the Minions welcomed us to a set bursting with comedy. Sat in a little train, we explored behind the scenes of the most famous blockbusters produced by the cinema studios. No sooner had we left behind the terrifying sharks from Jaws, we found ourselves 150 km away and face to face with polar bears.

The next exciting new experience was at SeaWorld. Part aquarium and part theme park, SeaWorld drew us into the world of Nemo. There we touched rays, saw walruses and penguins, watched orcas perform perilous jumps and even went on their impressive roller coaster, Manta.

In terms of roller coasters, we were spoilt for choice! California really got us off the ground. We won’t forget the rocket flight that blasted us into orbit around Tomorrowland before plunging us under the waves of the Great Barrier Reef in a hurry. And all under the watchful eye of Mickey Mouse at the heart of Disneyland, the very first created in 1955 by Walt Disney himself.

Several kilometers further with our heads full of memories, we finished our trip whizzing down the slides of Buena Park, an adrenaline-filled park replete not just with loop-the-loops, but also swimming pools with wave machines. It was just fantastic!

After all the emotional highs, we left California. But we promised ourselves we would go back, as we had barely scratched the surface of all the parks. We still had Legoland California, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Santa Cruz Boardwalk and more to explore. Enough to leave the children wide eyed, immerse the adults into this magical land once more, inspire young and old alike and just have a great time together. All aboard!


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