The ultimate dream “the World Tour”


le 17/08/2017


Everyone has their own dreams, depending on how busy they are, their budget, what they are passionate about and what motivates them.

For some people, a World Tour means exploring five continents and taking your time. Alone, with your family or as a couple. For others with greater time constraints, a World Tour means seeing the essentials: world heritage sites and the Seven Wonders of the World. Some travelers focus on themes instead, such as legendary trains, active volcanos, surfing and windsurfing, diving, paradise islands or deserts. Others choose to follow in the footsteps of Tintin or even James Bond !

And why not go from hot to cold? The list goes on.

In short, there is always a good reason to set off on a World Tour.

So, when do we set off?

Once you have decided on the main stages of your itinerary, matching your choices to the best seasons, you then need to focus on the flights that will finalise the direction and main stop-offs on your tour.

For the flights that link your stop-offs, it’s a good idea to think about travelling with a world tour ticket.
We will choose one of the main airline alliances (Skyteam, Oneworld and Star Alliance) depending on the countries they cover and the destinations you plan to visit.
For this we will opt for flights to major airports, even though it might mean taking single flights to less strategic stopovers.
And if you want to set a slower pace for your journey, you can make it more interesting by getting between two destinations by land, river or sea. Including a portion of lower-altitude travel in your flight plan is simple!
We will work to develop an itinerary oriented in the same direction (which is key, you should never go backwards!) and we won’t forget to sign you up to the loyalty schemes of the companies you fly with. This means you can build up your air miles and start planning your next trip when you get home.

Once all that is scheduled you are almost there! …

After India, Nepal, Singapore and Indonesia, let’s discover the next three destinations chosen by Jean-Christophe and family.

5- Cambodia/Laos
So we can travel along the mythical Mekong, explore the gems of Angkor and experience the slow pace of ancient Asia. This will also be an opportunity to dedicate some time to a charity and introduce the children to humanitarian work.

6- Japan
An urban destination and a complete change of scene combine for an exciting stop-off in the country of Manga, sushi and Shinkansen.

7- New Zealand
It’s time to take to the road, loading the whole family into a camper van. What could be better than taking your home with you? We’ll be immersing ourselves in the great outdoors to discover the most beautiful views, in particular in the south, and the famous landscapes of the Lord of the Rings that our two eldest children were such big fans of for years !


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