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le 01/01/2018


We take a look at the dreams that could be yours.
According to Freud, our dreams reveal who we are. They reflect our fears, desires, perversions and what is unique about us. At Looking For Charly, we need to understand your dreams, as they will make up the very essence of your travels. The ultimate trip can of course take many forms, some of which will suit you better than others.
So share your dreams with us and discover where they will take you!


« A DREAM OF SENSATIONS – and of luxurious adventure »

The sanctuary of all sanctuaries, a front row seat to wild nature


Just imagine. A land of contrasts between deserts and countryside encircled by aquatic hues, home to a huge variety of fauna. In this unique southern sanctuary, this safari paradise, you can savour the luxury of lodges nestled at the heart of a natural setting that is still completely wild. Here you can quest for the Big 5 both night and day, in a 4×4, on foot, in a mokoro canoe or on an elephant’s back.
(Visit from May to September)
An Out of Africa location


Six tents on a raised deck of exotic wood look over the immense wilds of the Okavango Delta. In this peaceful, refined and luxurious haven, you can experience the safari in all its forms and enjoy a unique, unforgettable interaction with an elephant.


« A DREAM OF ESCAPE – and most of all of open spaces » 

Travel far, far away from civilisation


 What if you could find yourself in the midst of one of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet, trek through the sub-polar wilderness and scale the glaciers at the end of the world? You can in Patagonia!
(Visit from December to March)

An address set against a ravaging backdrop


A humble, minimalist exterior gives way to reveal an interior that is quite simply extraordinary. The luxury accommodation integrates comfort and cutting-edge design with a mystical décor that will make you wish you never had to go back to the human world.


« A DREAM OF SPIRITUALITY – and, in particular, of wellbeing »

What could be better than an island blessed by the gods?


Practice self care, put yourself first. It’s something you tell yourself again and again. Each year it is your mantra, and you won’t stop until it becomes a reality. Welcome spirituality in and say au revoir, sayonara, adios to the daily grind, arguments over politics and meals without flavour. Make off to Bali, your hideout and refuge that has been blessed by the gods. Bali with its sumptuous landscape, gentleness and way of life that has been shaped with the passing of the centuries.

(Visit from May to October)

« A retreat »


Sleep in one of the palace’s four private residences, meditate surrounded by nature where the sacred water gushes down the gardens’ waterfalls, get a massage with some of the world’s most subtle traditional oils and feel like you are truly at home, and not a customer…


  «A DREAM OF THE RISING SUN – of completely new horizons»

For a journey through time taking in futuristic innovations and the values of the past


A land of contrasts that will disarm even the most world-weary traveller. It’s the country both of geisha in kimonos and cherry blossom, robots and samurai, Zen gardens and manga. An economic super power, Japan is a country of big, ultramodern cities that has nevertheless preserved the beauty of its picturesque countryside and of its vibrant culture.
(Visit from March to May and September to November)

A stylish choice


The ultramodern building was designed by the star architect Kengo Kuma, and looks over the immense walled park that surrounds the Imperial Palace. Light and greenery are omnipresent in the hotel’s large open spaces, while the pared down rooms have exceptional views and traditional shoji screens.


 « A CHILD’S DREAM – a treehouse » 

Let’s opt for a virgin land where nature remains untouched.


A country blessed with lakes and volcanos, tropical jungles, nature reserves and the beaches of your dreams. This preserved paradise immerses visitors in a colonial ambiance. Managua, Granada and Leon; the names of these cities evoke the past and a mosaic of history and emotions. The country that has kept its identity safe is home to a protected natural environment.
(Visit from February to April)

Stay in the heart of the canopy


Villas perched on the hillside face the sea, like a colony in the trees.


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