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le 25/04/2017


La Charly’s team Travel Wish List

One of the dangers of working at Looking for Charly is that every day you are constantly exposed to dangerous levels of wanderlust. It’s not easy to remain at your desk when you have to contend with images of tropical lagoons, mysterious deserts, charming locations and other gems all day long.Here is a peek at what we are dreaming about at this very minute !


– Hawaï –

 Four Seasons Resort Hualalai

Simonetta Bertoni, Co-Founder & Travel Designer

“The former “Sandwich Islands” are the stuff dreams are made of; a perfect cocktail to satisfy both the fashionista and the adventurer in me when I travel. Hawaii’s stunning countryside is just made for adventures with volcanos, beaches, waves, forests and tropical waterfalls. And the very best establishments, of course. They are peace on the Pacific, beautifully retro and the last word in elegance. My top pick? The Four Seasons Hualalai with its ocean views and its humble, authentic yet luxurious character.”


– British Columbia/ Western Canada –

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Jean-Christophe Guerin, Co-Founder & Travel Designer

“This is the place if you are looking for nature on a grand scale! It is child friendly and therefore the ideal place to take my entire clan on an adventure and introduce the kids to the best locations. Inspired by the great camps of the end of the 19th century, its atmosphere will transport you back in time. It is glamping in all its splendour combining soft carpets and antique furniture, walks among thousand-year-old cedars and whale watching”


– Porto/ Portugal –

The Yeatman

Héloïse Garino, Co-Founder & Travel Designer

“Porto is my personal favourite. It just oozes history all around with its little streets, large squares, the Douro, nights that are just perfect for partying and, the cherry on the top, the wine. Or, more precisely, Port. I love exploring the wine cellars and rounding that off with some tasting. My home away from home is the hotel Yeatman, for its wine dinners hosted by wine makers, its wine cellar that is reputed to be the biggest cellar of Portuguese wines in the world and, of course, its rooms that offer the most beautiful panoramic views of the city! “​


– Yucatan Peninsula/ Mexico –

Chablé Resort & Spa

Fanny Jehan, Co-Founder & Travel Designer

“This pearl is a hacienda with walls seeped in history, brightened with a touch of modernity and offering views that will take your breath away. For me, Chablé Resort is the ideal location to use as a base to travel around and explore the treasures of the Yucatán Peninsula. I felt imbued with the energy of all the Maya people when leaving my room to set off for the adventure of freediving among the cenotes, deep water diving in the Caribbean, mountain biking in the jungle and kayaking in the mangrove of the Gulf of Mexico.”


– Montana/ USA –

The Ranch at Rock Creek

Véronique Wilmot, Independant Travel Designer

“It’s a giant! Montana is one of those immense territories where you can travel for miles without seeing another human being. In the very north of the United States, it is a kingdom of vast plains and high peaks, the mythical Rockies, the land of the Sioux and trappers. The greatest thrill for me is the dream of escape. You simply can’t remain unmoved by the Glacier National Park, Yellowstone and the tales of the Sitting Bull battles. Here you can play Cowboys and Indians. Ye-ha! And to experience the American dream in all its glory, head to The Ranch at Rock Creek. You can go horse riding, try your hand at fishing and relax in the spa. I love losing myself in the vastness as if I am in a Western. It is luxury and more! !”


– Ayers Rock/ Australia –

Longitude 131 

Valérie Ferrer, Wordsmith Looking For Charly

“For the colours, the energy and the legends. For the moment laced with symbolism, and the immensity of the landscape. For the feeling of satisfaction and eternity when you have climbed to the very top of this immense sandstone crag at 348 m. Uluru, the sacred place of the Aboriginals, is an initiation rite and something that has fascinated me since I was a child. A mark on my geography books. A longitude. 131°. A number that now also represents a hotel to me. It is an exceptional place to stay that offers tented pavilions with a full-frame view of Ayers Rock. All the flavours of the bush are on your doorstep. It is a truly unique experience.”


– Bali/ Indonésie –

Maison Simba

Cathy Dubois, Graphic Designer Looking For Charly

“I spend my time on my computer putting together images of the most beautiful trips you can imagine. But my own dream takes me to Bali. The paddy fields, the beauty of the mountains on this island of the Indonesia archipelago, the smiling faces of the Balinese people, immersion into the greenery and calm… I’ll make sure I Get Around to going one day, as the Beach Boys would say. My destination? Maison Simba. At the very heart of the island, Maison Simba is a small, secret and exclusive spot inspired by Singapore’s black and white houses. It is set among paddy fields next to a river with an incredible view of Bali’s volcanos and a homely atmosphere with white-glove service on top. Just perfect!”


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